Thursday, March 9, 2017

Buld 2.10V2 and Build 2.20 progress of DQ1 Remake

I've finally gotten up to the Hauksness area for testing, and I've already fixed some more issues

* Game balance has been further tweaked and polished. Lora gains levels slightly faster than everyone else, but I'm leaving this alone, since she can be recruited at a point where she'll need it.

* Fixed odd scripting bug where a 'New Game+ tag would be added to save files, turned out to be a control switch issue, I have no NG+ features built in or planned for.

* Several more remnants of the old dialogue system were removed. The game was effectively unwinnable past defeating the dragon guarding the princess, this has been fixed and Build 2.10V2 will be released when I'm done with the Hauksness region, will supplant my previous 2.10 build.

* New art for the dragon's portrait has been added.

* Noticed a very rare crash bug that occurs when changing through multiple different types of windows while changing scenes in quick succession. I haven't been able to duplicate it enough to the point it's worrisome, so unless it keeps cropping up, I consider it a low priority bug for now.

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