Thursday, May 12, 2016

Going to add a Quest Log to Dragon Quest 1 Remake 2.10 Beta

One of the prominent complaints I've gotten about my game is a lack of way to keep track of game objectives. Even though it's based on Dragon Quest 1's quest structure, which was fairly straightforward, I did add in some changes that require some backtracking and some quest goals aren't all that intuitive or obvious.

Hence, I will be adding a Quest Log to 2.10, which will include a checklist of quests, a description of the quests, and a way to see which quests are completed.

So far, it has no issues, though I expect a new game will be required due to all the variable I have to set up, so that's part of the tradeoff, but since even I think it's a good idea, I decided to work on making this feature integral to the game.

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