Monday, April 4, 2016

When the cure is worse than the disease

DQ1 Remake Closed Beta 2.00 V2 is almost done getting put through the paces by most of my beta testers, so after I fix all the goofs they reported, I'll be shoving it out the door.

However, I've gotten reports the combat log and item menu have some weird issues, and I believe I figured out why.

I was having issues getting Yanfly Item menu script to work, so I switched it out for The InfamousBonBon's version, which worked fine, so I went with it.

The cure was worse than the disease because the item menu issues turned out to be minor fixes I needed to do to some settings, and TIBB's version overwrote some script classes called on by other scripts, which led to a lot of crashing issues.

I've reverted the changes and going to confirm they work without causing the same crash bugs on top of fixing all the other, blessedly minor goofs.

Combat Log may still be included, but with a "known to be buggy, use at own risk" disclaimer, not sure if changes have fixed that yet.

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