Sunday, January 17, 2016

Brianna Wu has been censoring proof they never passed college and have no degrees

While there have been tons of questions about whether Brianna Wu has the skill to program and release a game, I'm going to be generous. The Unreal Engine does not require you have a college degree to try it out or develop on it. Nor does RPG Maker, my engine of choice.

However, Brianna Wu has claimed to go to college on more than one occasion and have graduated with degrees in more than one subject.

Recently, it has been discovered this is naught but a lie and that all of Wu's claims to this can be disproven by the colleges themselves.

However, let's back up for a second.

In my previous post, which I found out Wu was desperate to censor any mention of, I merely repeated information already in the public domain, which was enough to get Wu to want to censor it.

However, since evidence has recently come out based on college records based on the institutions Wu has claimed to have gone to (this information is free for the public to request access to and thus not illegal to obtain or discuss under American law), that evidence has revealed Wu has not only misrepresented themselves and their professional credentials, and has also confirmed the Breitbart article written here as factual:

A place called the Kiwi Farms has had two long threads on Brianna Wu, whom they deem a "lolcow", which, in their parlance, is someone who basically does hilarious and foolish things and gets all sorts of negative attention for it, and after submitting inquires into holes into Wu's background, they discovered the following:

Brianna Wu's claim to have attended the University of Mississipi is indeed true, but Wu holds no degrees from that institution, and following up on the Breitbart article that alleged Brianna Wu was formerly named John Flynt during this period, the inquiry confirmed that a Brianna Wu never attended Ole Miss, and the only person who went there during the times Wu has admitted to attending was John Flynt.

Further inquires of Millsaps College, where the same John Flynt who went to Ole Miss attended, also confirm that John Flynt attained no degrees at that institution either.

However, Wu's own tweets tell a different story:

In these tweets, Wu definitely claims to have a degree, when the information above begs to differ.

Wu has claimed at different times to have degrees in business management and journalism, yet according to the above possesses neither, nor ever finished their college tenure.

I know Wu will likely want to censor this due to "deadnaming", but what I consider more serious is the fact that Wu has deliberately misrepresented their credentials and has gotten other places to perpetuate this deception, such as the Boston Globe and Wikipedia claims Wu entered the University of Mississippi to study journalism and political science, yet no degree exists on record for either Brianna Wu and/or John Flynt for either of these disciplines.

In short, Wu has completely lied about their professional credentials, for no reason I can discern except for what appears to be their own gain.

Oddly, though, other places do cite Wu as a college dropout, like this site

I can only conclude based on all the above Wu has abused the public trust by not being forthright about their actual level of education, and has been engaged in attempting to remove all notice of these allegations to cover up the truth, which is why I have taken the liberty of archiving all of my recent work and intend to send copies to several journalists in the hopes.this quite apparent deception of the public will be addressed and rectified.

I further have every intention of challenging any attempted removal of any of my posts should Wu try to exert the influence they did on places like Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Reddit to remove similar posts by others, which, until it is proven libel, which I am confident it is not, is information the public deserves to know since they have been deceived and there is evidence to prove it.

I still hope Wu's game Revolution 60 can succeed, but I cannot stand for this deception of the public about their professional credentials, find the lack of ethics appalling, and will send this information to other journalists in the hopes they can do further fact checking to determine just how broad this deception really is.


  1. Thank you for helping to signal boost this, old friend.

    1. I'd do so even if I didn't know you guys were doing the same, as hypocrisy and deceit done in the service of evils like vanity and greed offend me on a personal and religious level, and doing what I can to drag this shadow into the light is the least I can do.

  2. The fire rises, Geth.

    Milo is covering it, tried to censor the report, it blew up in her face and is in the process of going viral.

    1. I've heard. It's taking a great effort of will not to gloat given my own personal grudges against Wu for defaming me, but I am glad to see his lies will be exposed to the world.

    2. I'm happy to gloat in your stead, man. That nasty swine had this coming, and more besides. I am loving it.