Friday, January 15, 2016

It seems Brianna Wu is desperate to censor any mention of their former identity off the Internet

Brianna Wu is now on a rabid quest to censor all information about being born John Walker Flynt off the internet, as documented here:

In this article, Wu's past is revealed for what it really is, including the fact Wu was born John Walker Flynt.

Wu is now desperately trying to remove this information from the internet, apparently unaware of a little thing called the Streisand Effect, which means the more you try to censor, the more people will spread it.

You can see Wu's terror of this information getting out here:

Wu is trying to go to the top of places like Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Youtube, and even here to silence this information, even though the only thing Wu really wants to censor is already public information.

I'm quite sure Wu is even going to go after me, even though I have documented evidence Wu libeled me on Twitter and I agreed to leave Wu alone and vice versa, as documented here:

If Wu does attempt to get this removed, I will be perfectly prepared to challenge any attempts to do so, as I have done nothing illegal under American law, the information in question was already published on a news site and I am merely repeating it on my own blog, and all I want to do is expose the truth about someone who has lied about their past for personal and professional gain, and given their level of celebrity, they are a public figure and thus open to public scrutiny.

I will not publish any information about Brianna Wu's current location, phone number, SSN/Credit Card Information, or any information that has not already been released into the public domain by news sites or can be legally acquired via Google search engines.

If Wu somehow succeeds in getting these posts removed, I have taken the liberty of archiving everything via, and I encourage the free, unlimited dissemination of my content to any other site (just cite where you got it is all I ask), as I will not stand for the censoring of truthful information about someone who has lied for personal and professional gain, and whose lies have been used to abuse and harass others like they claim the truth about them is harassment.

In the Progressive Era of the US, people who exposed corruption and lies were called "muckrakers", and I merely wish to do as they did and expose those who con and manipulate for their own gain in the hopes their lies will not be used to abuse the public trust any longer.


  1. It appears that what's really motivating her to have this information scrubbed from the internet is that it undermines her authority as a self-appointed authority on women's rights issues. She can't pretend to be a poor oppressed women all that successfully if it's common knowledge that she'd spent most of her life up until relatively recently as a man, after all.

    1. Not just a man, but a rather privileged one.

    2. Not just a man, but a rather privileged one.

  2. I concur. I am merely shining a light on someone's lies, that being but one of many Wu has perpetuated.

  3. This is weird, His/her information has been available for quite a long time, why she/he is so desperate now to release something that everybody already know

    1. That would be us.

      For the uninitiated, the Kiwi Farms (we're a community that chronicles and analyzes internet personalities) pulled Wu's transcripts so we could update her information on lolcow wiki.

      What we uncovered was that Wu never graduated college. At all. Despite attending it for over a decade. She's claimed countless times to have engineering qualifications, certifications in Journalism, and even business management.

      They're all lies.

      Our first action was to get this information to Milo Yiannopolous and several others. Wu is engaging in nuclear damage control because the second this hits the mainstream Wu's professional reputation will be over.