Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I goofed on Twitter, want to explain myself

I accidentally sent a tweet to Ian Miles Cheong from the ATT site twitter instead my personal one, and since the tweet isn't far from the path of how ATT officially represents myself, I'll clarify.

Ian Miles Cheong was, from my understanding, a fiercely hateful anti-GGer who had an epiphany that hate had made him a horrible, closeminded asshole, so he repented and has been trying to be a better person. He has not entirely renounced his Gamergate and gaming culture views, but he's no longer an abrasive prick about them and has been trying to reach out to his critics.

Speaking as founder of the site meant to be an alternative to TV Tropes and a pro-GGer personally (All The Tropes does not represent me in that regard), I admire that. I don't ask he give up his convictions, he's entitled to his views, but I'm glad he's focused less on spreading hate and instead wants to build bridges, much like I never wanted our site to be the hateful spinoff of TVT, but instead, we want to exist cordially with them, cooperating on matters of mutual interest like stopping trolls and vandalism that plague us both.

In short, much like Mr. Cheong has focused on healing rifts and building bridges with those whose ideology he may not agree with and attempting civility and reason with his critics as opposed to hate and spite, so I and the site I founded believe in doing the same, and while my tweet was meant to be my personal views, one of the guidelines of ATT is to be an open fora where we try not to devolve into sectarianism and hatred, so I'm not deleting that tweet from our official twitter, since both personally and professionally I too seek a modus vivendi with my critics, and Ian, if you ever read this, we may not agree on everything, but I admire the new leaf you turned over, thanks for helping make this world a better place by doing so.

Here are the tweets for reference:



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