Thursday, June 18, 2015

Angry rant time, this time over hacker nonsense

I try to be a nice guy to people, but when you set out to piss me off from day one, wreck my shit, and screw with my friends, I get mad to the point I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.

Such is my wrath towards the worthless shitsack who decided to fuck with Orain.

About a week or two ago, Orain was under assault by some skript kiddie asshole who confirmed they had DDoSed us once before, accused my boss Dustin Muniz of selling private data on our users (this is utter horseshit, and I would be willing to say so under oath in any court on this planet), then threatened to leak private server data on us if we refused to do.....well, we're not sure what they wanted and leave their threats and libel up.

Since we refused to negotiate with terrorist scum, said dickhead decided to leak that server data, which I managed to get suppressed for the most part, and just in case anyone finds it now, it's now useless, as we've changed all that data, so for anyone planning on stupid shit, don't get any fucking ideas, we've got much better security now.

Regardless, I just want to repeat that said disgrace to humanity's lies are unfounded, and I say that as a staff member of Orain, who has the same level of access as the site owner, and I can personally testify Dusti is not only innocent of all these bullshit charges, the poor guy has been recovering from being in a car wreck, and it pisses me off to see a man who has granted me an insane level of trust being shit on by some butthurt wannabe internet badass whose corpse I'd probably laugh at if it wound up on for some reason.

(Note: Not advocating anything illegal here, and in fact condemn it, just saying I'd have zero sympathy if karma decided to be a bitch to this asshole.)

Anyway, now that I got that out of my system, I just want to reiterate whoever this hacker wannabe coward is, I have only one thing to say about you:

More noble things have come out of my asshole than what was crapped out of your mother's vagina.

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