Thursday, June 25, 2015

And Reddit once prided itself on free speech, oh, the irony........

Reddit used to be infamous for its pride in free speech and zealously defended it's right to all forms of speech so long as they weren't illegal, fighting hard for such shit as those jailbait subreddits run by that violentacrez guy.

Now, Reddit is shitting on its former prized principles.

The goal seems to be, as they call it, ending harassment. However, this makes me wonder: How is a discussion board harassment? Okay, if the people on the board are purposely needling the people claiming harassment, the latter have a case, but for those passively discussing them, it's not harassment.

What makes it more retarded is that not only is this cleansing being led by a woman named Ellen Pao who has called her opponents "idiots" and who has been dubbed "Chairman Pao" for this "Cultural Revolution", this is being hailed by the idiot asshole SJW types as making the internet safer.


First off, banning shit like r/fatpeoplehate doesn't ban hatred against fat people, it just means they'll go elsewhere to shit talk obese people. Second, hate can only be defeated by not letting it have power, as in, let the haters wail impotently, don't react to it, and the hate has no power over those they hate.

Instead, by trying to choke off the free expression of those who hate, they'll simply go elsewhere, and you further stir them to more hatred.

Nice job, fucktards.

That brings me to another issue: Reddit is hemorrhaging users left and right due to the SJW safe space infestation, and they are doing everything they can to try silencing their competitor,, piously claiming the high ground while denigrating as a hive of perverts, racists, and pedophiles.

I find this highly ironic, since Reddit itself once prided itself on drawing wagons around these very same people, and for a site that encourages free speech, they are working very hard to silence it now.

Me, I find nothing wrong with Voat, mostly sticking to the subverses with cute animal pictures, my own v/allthetropes subverse, and the gamergate related subverses, so don't go lumping me in with all the people who like hating fat people and believing Hitler did nothing wrong, but if those people want their own echo chamber to say that, vile as it may be, I say leave them be as long as they don't break laws.

Trying to suppress them only makes their hate feel validated, and that's the most fucking stupid way to combat hatred.

Then again, considering the malice Reddit's supporters have put into silencing expression they disagree with, maybe they have no intention of stopping hatred at all, so long as it agrees with their ideology........

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  1. So it's the Battle of /q/ all over again, I take it.