Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Beta 2.20 of DQ1 Remake is finally live

I have finally released Beta 2.20 of DQ1 Remake on my MEGA account, after a long time in closed beta.

Everything up to the Cave To Charlock Castle is finished (there is a monument that tells you you need to save for the next build, which will be removed in the next version). The Catilin area is fully fleshed out, as are any remaining overworld areas, save for one or two on the Charlock Castle landmass (these will be fleshed out in the next few builds).

The next build will have the normal ending implemented, the build after will implement the bonus ending, and the build after is planned to be the final build.

Unlike the original Dragon Quest, my game does not have a "bad ending" option, but it may be added in some manner by the final build.

A few bugs have been fixed in this build, including a UI bug, and a lot of legacy code and crash issues were finally dealt with. Most of this is thanks to the extremely dedicated bugtesting done by Stagefright.

And, for the following websites and groups, I have added the following characters:

Encyclopedia Dramatica: Lulzkiller (as King Kunt) (his character works in one of the banks as a LFG representative in Rimuldar)

Kiwi Farms: (Archmage) Jaimas, Lord Cipher Luna (aka Joshua "Null" Moon) and Aeterna Concordia (aka Peace and Harmony) - all can be found in Catilin, where I even tossed in some references to some Kiwi Farms memes and events.

r/KotakuInAction: HandOfBane (say hi to "The Legendary Bane" in the Catilin bank/League For Gamers branch office store)

Beta 2.20 can be downloaded here:!VM8iGYzL!pc8SDIOJ7H-aoPqDdQ3hEw

You can also find the latest copy of the game readme at the same.

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