Sunday, January 1, 2017

Trying to make Beta 2.20 of DQ1 Remake the second time round

It's the dawn of 2017, and among my New Years Resolutions is to finally get my game to gold code status before 2018.

With that in mind, now that I've decided to be paranoid and back up my game on the cloud for the sake of redundancy just in case my HDD file tables go nova in some freak accident once again, I have decided on the following things for the currently in production version of Beta 2.20 (V2, since the first died awhile back)

* I'm likely going to focus on adding new stuff instead of reinventing the wheel. I've already had to overhaul the game scripting more than I ever wanted to and I'm tired of it, so scripting changes will be minor at best, if any. Instead, I'm going to focus on finishing up all the maps I can and try to have the 2.20 Beta be set just before the normal/true ending point split I had planned since day one.

* I plan to stop just short of the normal split final dungeon because I need to requisition some new portrait art I don't have yet and all my placeholder options suck.

* Finally, I've gotten the idea of game balance pretty down at this point, so all I really need to do is fill in some blanks and finish up some more maps.

With all that said, I'm making no more promises since the last time I did that my HDD went nova.

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