Saturday, November 26, 2016

Trans Lifeline: A So-Called Transgender Suicide Help Line That Is Really A Scam To Line It's Owner's Pockets

NOTE: In the interests of protecting certain parties who are currently being harassed by the subject of this article, I have elected to withhold their names from this article, especially since they have a young child and are still in mourning.

I have recently gotten wind of another idiot transgender type who is running a massive scam, and while I'm a tad leery to fire any shots across the bow of this con artist scheme given they have already threatened at least one person at their own home at one point, the fact this scheme has real human lives it has affected has roused my indignation.

Worse, this scam has at least two dead bodies to its credit directly, and a few more people are dead because of indifference and/or incompetence, and that number could rise the longer this scam goes unnoticed, so it's time for me to shine a light on Greta Martela's scam parody of a suicide help line for the transgendered, otherwise known as Trans Lifeline.

Trans Lifeline is supposed to be an alternative to standard suicide hotlines for those who are planning to end their own lives, tailored for the needs of the transgendered population, and is registered as a non-profit organization. However, examination of their public financial information has turned up some worrying discrepancies, and coupled with other public information as found on the personal and professional social media accounts of the owners and operators as well as related fora, has led many to believe their organization is little more than a scam in the vein of Anita Sarkeesian's Tropes vs. Women, except in Sarkeesian's case, at least Sarkeesian can point to having actually done more for her money grab, and unlike Greta's scam, at least Sarkeesian doesn't have people dead as a result of their grift.

A Tumblr post by someone who was greatly concerned about this organization taking advantage of the transgendered was posted to warn other about the dangers posed by this scam organization.

In response to this post, which brought up many worrying facts, the founder of this scam responded with this Medium post.

I had become aware of this due to browsing random threads on the Kiwi Farms one day and seeing this organization discussed in one of their threads, and while I was fairly convinced the evidence against this organization was pretty damning even before reading the response, I was pretty sure they were caught red-handed when I read the reply, so, since I wanted to see just how badly they were triggered by having a light shone on their organization, I left a polite dissent to their official reply here.

I made it clear I had biases up front but wanted them to consider taking the advice I gave them to focus less on appeals to emotion and more on cold, hard fact to clear their names, and from what I was given to understand, my response was hidden from view, the founder of this organization disabled viewable responses to the story on Medium, and I got some desultory commentary from the white knights for this scam on social media, to which I frankly could care less.

However, I had my say, I considered my input sufficient, and decided to go back to passively observing the situation.

What spurred me into deciding I needed to post this message would be the death of someone who had at one point contacted this hotline and had decided to end their own life anyway. Their widow had been led to believe by certain rabble rousers (such as Greta and another party who has a noted grudge against the Kiwi Farms) that the Kiwi Farms had goaded their now late husband (who had apparently regretted transitioning) into killing themselves, and quickly learned quite the opposite was true when they arrived there.

In fact, they found out that one of the members of the Kiwi Farms had called legitimate authorities who could intervene in the event of a suicide to save the now departed's life (in direct defiance of Trans Lifeline's apparent policy to NOT intervene on some strange concept of  "consent"), and had briefly discussed this party at one time but had decided not to pursue the matter.

To mine and the Kiwi Farms horror, the widow was smeared as a monster even though all they wanted was the facts straightened out and to be shown a little compassion during their time of grief, which the Kiwis nigh unanimously elected to do, and the attacks on this poor woman grew so vicious they were unpersoned when they asked Greta and their compatriots to cease and desist spreading when they knew to be falsehoods.

The widow mentioned they needed expenses to pay for the funeral, but was reluctant to ask anyone for them, which the Kiwis elected to either contribute to or spread the word to others who might wish to contribute, and Trans Lifelife only elected to later do the same to avoid being perceived as the enemy, and even Sarah Nyberg elected to do the right thing at one point and also spread the word about this poor woman's plight.

To my understanding, Trans Lifeline is doubling down on all the crap they have pulled to this point and have attempted to get Kiwi Farms' site verification rescinded, as well as repeatedly accusing them of having blood on their hands when all objective evidence at hand suggests quite the reverse.

And so, I have decided to pen this article about the situation to raise awareness that Trans Lifeline is more about it's own greed and public image than providing a legitimate service to the transgendered, transgendered people would be much better served by contacting more legitimate organizations like the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or the Trevor Project, and if I get put in the line of fire for criticizing these people like the poor widow of someone they refused to help keep out of the grave, then so be it, but I cannot sit idly by while a scheme that is defrauding innocent people of their money and lives is in progress, and I hope that I can be of service to it's eventual cessation.

And to the widow of the recently departed, my sincerest condolences for your loss, and my prayers go with you and your child.


If anyone would like to donate to funeral expenses for the departed, please do so at this link:


  1. TransLifeline is now calling the widow of the deceased a troll on Twitter for pointing out that they blocked her on their Facebook and are continuing to attempt to profit off of her dead spouse's memory, as well as the fact that their dead spouse had attempted to reach the TLL on multiple occasions and only gotten through once after being put on hold for hours.

  2. I was shocked to find out I had apparently viciously murdered someone because I like to laugh at idiots on the internet.

    1. I like to laugh at people making fools of themselves myself, know that feel, bro.