Monday, March 14, 2016

Why I am adamant in enforcing rules and why I've helped Wikia ban Moleman

I'm writing this post due to recent retardation in which I noticed a notorious ban evader on Wikia evading his ban once again, and I did the responsible thing and reported it.

The ban evader in question, Gabe "Moleman9000" Navarro, is some guy I'm convinced is autistic (I am too, and I'm pretty good at sensing my own), because he has an utterly one track mind about what he is and isn't entitled to do, and that seems to revolve around bossing people around and shitting his pants over trolls and cyberbullies.

I was aware of him long before our paths crossed thanks to browsing Encyclopedia Dramatica (and later the Kiwi Farms), and our paths crossed directly first on Wikia, then Orain/Miraheze, where I was content to leave him be so long as he caused no trouble and just quietly worked on his articles on his own works.

For the longest time, there were no issues, until he got into an argument with some people, including someone named Willow Giovanni and a few others who almost certainly were/are from /cow/ (the 8chan board that loves laughing at lolcows and other internet oddballs), and since I was dreading the drama, I tried to be an impartial party, but Moleman just had to be such a flaming douche I permablocked him from ATT Wikia. To be fair, the users he got into a shitfit with weren't total angels, but they had the decency to be nice to me while Moleman was being a jackass, and I can tolerate quite a bit so long as you don't act like a total asshat.

Moleman flipped out and started stalking me across Wikia, trying to get me to undo his ATT ban, and knowing this guy was on dangerously thin ice thanks to getting multiple bans across multiple wikis several dozen times for doing the same damned thing, I decided the buck would stop with me, contacted Wikia Support, and let them know not only about my hassles with the guy, but also that he was a drama magnet who would likely never stop being a troublemaker.

Wikia informed me he was grinding their patience to nil anyway and were ready to drop the hammer anyway, and sure enough, global ban came down.

But he didn't learn, hopped onto an alt account, and resumed giving me and others grief.

I admit I was annoyed as hell by this, and I started reporting every sock he kept using, and it wasn't until his FIFTH sock did he finally seem to get the hint that Wikia had had it with his shenanigans. It was during this time I promised Wikia if I saw any future ban evasion, I would dutifully report it because it was clear to me Moleman did not know how to respect any authority, would not stop trying to drag me and a bunch of others into drama, and was frankly a loose cannon I and Wikia were better off without.

Around this time, someone wanted to take over one of his wikis, and since I saw no obvious attempts at vandalism, I endorsed it, because even with him gone, I didn't think it was fair to see people posting vandalism, shock images, and other troll bullshit everywhere even if he was no longer around.

Later, said wiki was closed for no reason I'm privy to, but either Wikia decided it was not worth keeping around for whatever reason or he emailed Wikia with a DMCA to destroy it, figuring if he couldn't control his toybox, he'd just break all the toys to spite the other kids. Either way, it died.

Some time after all this, I put the pieces together and figured some of the people who had been at the center of the drama were almost certainly /cow/ members and other people for whom messing with Moleman is some demented sport, and Moleman himself later whined about how I "took their side", to which I responded he was the one acting the most immaturely and causing mischief, so I saw him as the guilty party (and Wikia agreed, to my knowledge). I also told him on ATT Miraheze I would not hold his Wikia behavior against him so long as he caused no trouble on Miraheze, which, to this point, he hasn't. He also got his sixth Wikia sock banned due to a report by me.

However, as for the latest incident, I admit I've occasionally glanced over at one of his still operational wikis because the guy is a chronic ban evading sockpuppeteer, and since I promised Wikia I'd help them enforce their own rules, I reported him again.

He flipped out once more and gave me a ton of grief when I told him his excuse his global ban had expired didn't wash, and he and bunch of butthurt types who didn't appreciate my whistleblowing tried to give me grief by saying global bans aren't logged and all that, but I knew the guy had been globally banned six times, so he was breaking the rules, and a little googling clearly established his latest account was a sock of one of the globally banned accounts, information I also sent to Wikia, where, as I have little reason to doubt, this is sock #7 down, and I also have little reason to doubt he will have learned absolutely nothing and will attempt to ban evade once more.

I know, I probably sound like what ED calls a "bureaucratic fuck", and shit, I probably am to some extent. On the other hand, he caused me a ton of grief, stalked me all over Wikia to give me MORE grief, and continued to blatantly defy Wikia Staff and ban evade multiple times, and thus I have no patience or pity for his BS, and if I can play a role in helping Wikia keep him banished due to all the grief he's shown both me and them, then I'm happy to help them out.

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