Saturday, February 6, 2016

The best laid plans o mice and game makers gang aft afley

I ran into some snags with my game regarding some display issues when using overlay maps, so I hit up Tsukihime (damned good coder, totally worth donating to them) for some help on making Overlay Mapping play nice with the minimap and day-night scripting, and the minimap is already handled thanks to Tsukihime's help, currently waiting on help for the other, but while I do that, looking into resolving a few other code oversights and standardizing all my menus to use the same layout schema (I have a few scripts providing overlapping code I want to simplify if possible) so as to make any future debugging a LOT easier.

Also finally have a decent handle on how re-balance the game now, plan to make the beginning of the game ever so slightly easier and make minor tweaks to the rest.

Finally implemented some foundation work for getting the last corners of the map explored, and I plan to finish up some areas I dummied out of earlier builds due to various issues.

And before I forget, Tsukihime is, as I said, a skilled coder, and I was happy to donate to make sure such fine work continues.

For anyone who wishes to do likewise, you can donate to Tsukihime here:

And via Paypal here:

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