Monday, February 29, 2016

Some more character art added for my game

I'm still replacing all the character art in my game and giving it a massive upgrade, and to celebrate getting some major coding issues resolved, here's some more character art.

First is the lovely proprietor of the Great Bazaar's Hopeful Discussions, the popular symposium where everyone can kick up their feet, debate each other, or even do the oral equivalent of shitposting, run by the charming Lady Hope McKenna.

The avatar is based off the original avatar Hope used on before it got updated, and speaking of the site, it's where I went after I got banished from the dumpster fire that is Twitter, not that I miss the place that shields ISIS recruiters and pedophiles one little bit. is run on the GNU Social software, which is basically Twitter run on the 8chan model, so if you want to run your own microblogging instance, the software is free for anyone to use. As a FOSS fan, I adore it.

And I adore Hope for giving me a much more fun shitposting home.

And this is Lord Marcus, leader of the Great Bazaar:

Lord Marcus is based on Mark, the guy who runs the FuckNoTVTropes Tumblr. I decided to honor him with an game equivalent to his IRL look (well, skin tone is different but has the same general build and pose from the IRL photo). I also want to give Mark my thanks for doing a valuable service as a muckraker for not only TV Tropes, but my own trope site as well.

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