Monday, January 11, 2016

More sanity checks and new features for my new game engine

Another update on my game engine: adding a lot of sanity checks so certain effects I had to toss in earlier builds will work right, like fog effects (you have to use tags prevent them from showing up on maps they shouldn't and I'm making sure they don't conflict other scripts that add overlay effects).

However, I'm having a bit of an issue with implementing overlays.

Overlays refer to textures placed (or superimposed) over other textures, and since RPG Maker VX Ace lacks this feature like RPG Maker XP, I having to make do with Tsukihime's overlay scripting to use a sub map with the overlays be superimposed over the primary map to achieve the same effect.

Example: A bridge suspended over a ravine you can both walk over and under, which you cannot do normally in VX Ace without implementing an overlay as described above.

Unfortunately, the transitions are very jerky and the graphics do not update in a timely manner, so they work but it looks quite ugly, and I want it to be seamless as possible, though I probably need to do some script optimization to make it run smoother or use some more performance enhancing scripts, not sure which.

Still tinkering with this, hope to have some more progress done soon, as overlays make for much nicer maps, and I do want to revamp a few of the more boring ones.

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