Saturday, January 30, 2016

In the process of changing some final scripting, made a few more critical changes

Before I decided to focus entirely on graphics, I ran my codebase through a final sweep for bugs, and sure enough, a few slipped past my earlier tests, forcing me to toss out some scripts and look for suitable replacements.

I also had to make some final changes to my new portraits. Sarah, Mara, and Lora are mostly the same as before, but since each covers a color (Mara - Red, Sarah - Blue, Lora - Yellow), I decided to alter Roto to have green armor and have some greenish hair, both to keep the color schema and to match his mother, who has green hair.

I'm still making some final adjustments to account for these last minute issues and changes, then I'll focus on doing more work on the actual game and importing some new graphics.

I'd also like to give Archeia my sincere gratitude for answering some last minute questions concerning permission to alter the work she allowed my limited re-edit permission for, and I'd also like to give her some free advertising to show my gratitude, as she's a talented and very valuable member of the RPG Maker community, and I highly cherish her friendship.

So, if you want to sample some of the highest quality resources one can ever hope to find for RPG Maker, give Archeia a visit here:

And since her work is well worth every dime I've ever spent on it, please donate to her Patreon if you agree here:

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