Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Got the scripting pretty much done, now to handle the graphics for my game

I finally managed to make sure basically all of my scripting works save a few remaining scripts (these I need to stress test for certain edge case issues, don't expect any though), so now I'm lining up the graphic side of things, and it's grueling and tedious.

* Since I own RPG Maker MV, I planned on backporting some of it's graphics into Vx Ace (easy enough, just reduce the size of most of them by 25% and apply a little sharpening where needed to preserve graphical fidelity) since frankly, MV might be horribly unstable (so much so I have axed any attempt to port to it until they give the engine some stability overhauls), but it does have some pretty graphics. I also own (and thus have license to use the graphics of) RPG Maker XP, and I planned to port some XP style stuff into my game. The tedious part is getting all this crap organized (I literally have GIGABYTES of graphical crap to sort, and I only planned to use a small portion of it)

* I'm going to have to fire up GIMP and do some graphical modding to make some edited bust portraits. Archeia made some nice portraits that will look great with some color edits, and thankfully, I have a decent handle on this part.

* I have some event based graphical events I plan to replace with script based events. Reason is simple, script based events don't hog as many processing cycles and can run independent of the rest of the game code, meaning they won't slow things down on low end computers (even with a ton of performance tweaks, that is a possibility), so I'm going to have to test them to make sure the switchover is smooth.

In short, the scripting phase of my new engine is largely over, now to work on the graphics.

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