Saturday, January 2, 2016

Finally figured out a few technical hurdles on my new engine that were driving me crazy, technical deets on what I mean

One of the things I tried to add awhile back and gave up on was Enemy HP Bars as visual aids in battle scenes, but due to various weirdness like the MP bar disappearing in the player menu, bleeding display bars, and other bizarre graphical artifacts, I gave up.

I'm using Ventwig's HP bar script, Neo Gauge Ultimate Ace by Pacman, and the script that hates them both, the Ace Core Engine by Yanfly.

Given my usual practice of putting core scripts towards the top of my list of scripts, I couldn't figure out what the issue was until I examined the code, and the problem was that Neo Gauge and the HP Bar script depend on bitmap drawing defaults that the core script by Yanfly invalidates with it own, and since I need the Core script intact for some of its functions, commenting out or removing code was not an option, since Yanfly's other scripts rely on it's calls for their specific functions.

Then it hit me: Why not put the Core script below Ventwig and Pacman's scripts?

It goes against a lot of common sense (and I guess I have a pretty OCD issue with trying to keep the script I use organized by creator), but it fixed the issues, and unless I get any other problems from doing this later on, I've made notations of this in the developer notes I plan to include with the SDK version of my game so anyone who wants to use my work can avoid the hours of bashing my head against a technical wall I went through.

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