Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dear Anti-GamerGate, I am #NotYourBullet. (originally written by TRANSYE WEST)

Brianna Wu or an agent of Wu took down the work of another transgender person who supported GamerGate to suppress information that was against Medium's rules.

Basically, proving John Flynt = Brianna Wu.

Since I've had it with Wu's lies and I won't stand for Wu silencing a trans person while claiming to be cisgender and riding that lie literally to the bank, below is a reproduced in full version of the original as my personal fuck you to Wu for trying to censor the truth: (original Medium article that coward Flynt had censored)


I’m a Male-to-Female transgender and like many others, I’m a GamerGate Supporter. I believe that freedom of speech is paramount and I would trade my right to transition and to legally change my gender in order to uphold this right which every single person should be entitled to. I believe that people should be allowed to insult me and that I should be allowed to insult them without the fear of the involvement of authority, that cyberbullying and cyberviolence cannot exist in the way that anti-GamerGate describe it and I truly believe that the opinions should never be policed, regardless of the medium, so long as it does not incite phyisical harm to others.
I’ve been involved with GamerGate for six-to-seven months now and I’ve made some incredible friends from both the Anti-GamerGate and the Pro-GamerGate sides and I wouldn’t change any of them. I’ve had strong disagreements with both sides although I’ve always had a rapport with most people. However, despite all of this, I’ve only received legitimite negativity from one side of like-minded people.

Those who have called me a transphobe despite being transgender myself, those who have labelled me as “the one keeping trans people down” are those who criticise dissent and free-speech. They are those who follow an unquestionable doctrine of social justice and attack those with threats of doxing and SWATing who dare to speak out. However, this group of people usually holds a high respect for transpeople with two of their most affluent members being transgender themselves, so long as they follow the narrative…

When the narrative is broken by transgender people who support GamerGate, they will attack and this pedestalisation of transpeople is completely lost. They will go at no lengths to degrade and ridicule us by suspending our twitter accounts for not being a subservient tranny or misgendering us for not using the “approved” list of pronouns. This Animal Farm-esque lifestyle somehow lures transpeople under the guise of feminism and equality when this is simply not the case as when a transperson dissents even slightly, their war cry changes to “The only good transgender is a dead transgender.”

The negativity towards myself has been directed and my liberal usage of the word tranny, which I used to describe myself frequently. I have always referred to myself as a “tranny” in the same respect that lesbians may refer to themselves as “dykes” and gays may refer to themselves as “queer” which is completely jokingly and in a playful manner even though the term itself has negative connotations and is seen by some as a slur. I use the term tranny not because of some senseless notion of reclaimation but because it makes me feel comfortable and allows others to connect with me through humour. I believe words are entirely dependent on the context of the sentence and on the speaker themselves and those who believe words can be taken back are simply making the claim that some cisgender, heterosexual, white devil controls their lexicon which is just ludicrous. — My “transphobic” tweets are present midway through the article. have published my tweets as evidence of transphobia in an article responding to the ‘Samus Atrans’ controversy which was ignited by two transgender women, Brianna Wu and Ellen McGrody, in an article on the infamous website. The article referred to GamerGate supporters as “white dudebros” and described my tweets with @remmarssa, in which I enquired as to the lack of a christian transgender role model, as “viciously transphobic.” I tweeted criticisms towards feministing’s and the author’s twitter accounts and shortly afterwads, the article was pulled. I contacted Jos Truitt, executive director, via Twitter who informed me that the reason the article was pulled was due to it outing a transperson, namely Brianna Wu. Brianna Wu has never publicly acknowledged that she is a transgender woman.
Whilst I am aware that Tanya Cohen is an alias of Joshua Goldberg, a troll who was recently arrested, and thus the article is redundant, my issue is that published the article believing it to be genuine and thus have labelled me as transphobic. (Thanks, @NobleYad)

I have also had Anti-GamerGate question my validity as a “real” transperson in which I was misgendered and referred to as a “he she whatever.” In response to this, I published copies of letters to my twitter in which it details my status as a waiting list candidate to receive hormone replacement therapy at an NHS gender clinic for April 2016. These letters were received in January 2015, two-to-three months before I had ever interacted with GamerGate supporters or adversaries. I want to make it very clear that I’ve never had my chosen gender or pronouns disrespected by any GamerGate supporter in the six-to-seven months of my inolvement.

I hold the belief that the right to freedom of speech is paramount and my own rights as a transgender person are secondary. I would gladly sacrifice the right to transition, to legally change my name or gender and to get married in order to protect the freedom of speech that every single person has a right to no matter the medium. I accept that not everyone will approve of my pronouns or the way I refer to myself, for example, and those people have the right to that opinion just as I have the right to disagree with that opinion without fear of persecution.

Anti-GamerGate member and avid Jigglypuff fan, Izzy Galvez, celebrating the suspension of GamerGate Supporter, Remmarssa, for wrong-think.

A very popular hashtag in GamerGate’s infancy was #NotYourShield, stemming from a discussion on 4Chan’s /v/ board, which was a response to Anti-GamerGate claiming to be defending the rights of women and minorities so long as they acted submissive to the narrative. I am proposing that we show the world the ugly hatred that every GamerGate supporter receives routinely from Anti-GamerGate who are not using minorities as a shield to deflect our criticism, but are using minorities as a weapon to attack our liberties. Sexuality, gender, religion and skin color do not matter because we are #NotYourBullet, Anti-GamerGate.


  1. Hopefully this will inspire other transgender gamers to speak in favor or gaming, I will not remain idle while , they censor and ban games in my name.

  2. Well-said, Geth. And I think I found something you might find fascinating.

    Enjoy, old friend.

    1. Much obliged, Jaimas. I saw you guys at the Kiwi Farms are exposing that pious hypocrite for the snake he always has been, you're doing the Lord's work.

      Please let the rest of the Kiwis know they have my fondest prayers and best wishes.

  3. Thank you! I'll pass on the well wishes. As ever, thank you for all that you do.