Sunday, January 24, 2016

Almost done overhauling my game engine

I'm almost done overhauling my new game engine, and I have made a few more core changes.

* To eliminate some incompatibility issues with certain scripts and to make open sourcing easier, I have done away with using the Effectus performancr script and am instead using TheoAlien's Insane Anti-Lag.

* My SDK version will only release with scripts and all graphics required to run them so it can be picked up, forked, and modified by any interested party. My actual game version will remain encrypted to protect licensed art assets, though closed betas will remain available when appropriate and where possible I will release developer versions of my game, pursuant to the EULA for RM VX Ace.

* I will resume active development on my game once I confirm my new engine works well with my current game.

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