Sunday, December 20, 2015

More updates on my updated DQ1 Remake engine

I'm still making great progress on revamping my DQ1 game engine, so much so I decided it would be better to pour all my energies into that then release another beta on the existing engine, so a new game beta will be delayed.

However, this is not a bad thing by any means, since my new engine has several more features now:

Face/Bust Options: RPG Maker can show "face" graphics for characters, where you just see a face in the text box of conversation by default, and now, I can show "busts", or waist up portraits of the characters above the text window. Since using all faces or busts would be exhausting and tedious (not to mention would be difficult to track down images for one or the other in some cases), I have made it to where I can use either option, though my plan is to remain consistent with one style or another for the most part.

Enemy HP Bars: I had more than one solution for this at my disposal already, but I had issues with the bars bleeding into each other and most of them being obtrusive. I have been testing a more lightweight version that appears to work quite well, and unless if it gives me unexpected issues, it shall remain in the final version.

Other Stuff - Several edge case bugs have been addressed with certain bugfixes, and my plan to avoid frameskip lag that can make movement appear stilted, which was the case in certain cases with my current DQ1 beta engine.

I plan to further develop my new engine over the holidays and most of January, as I have a lot to test and debug before I try to replace my old engine with the new one.

I will release new updates here on my blog in the meantime, hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

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