Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And I thought it was going to be so simple......

I've been working on my Dragon Quest 1 Remake 1.8 Beta for awhile now, and it turns out what I thought would a simple re-balancing and betatest has ballooned into a much bigger job than I planned because of the following:

* New relationship value system: Due to a new mechanic where all party members can gain relationship value points with one another, I have had to re-balance all enemies not to be too hard or easy, at least on standard difficulty, and even though I lowballed the stat bonuses relation values give to avoid making them game breaking, they still can add up fast, so I had to fix things.

* Different formula calculations: I recalculated the damage formulas in an attempt to bring them even closer to DQ standard, which has made them more accurate, but has required further rebalancing, since it was making some monsters retarded strong when using magical attacks (Actors use different balancing than Enemies, so I'm covered on the former)

* Busted code and various fixes needed: Events and certain scripting broke, forcing me to have to disable or dummy out some code to fix the glitches. Also discovered some bizarre graphical anomalies that have needed some finetuning.

In short, this is going to take awhile..............

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