Monday, July 6, 2015

ANGRY RANT TIME, this time about the "lifting community" on Tumblr

It's that time again, when I rant and bitch about something that makes me mad, so if you want to avoid a ton of cursing and rage, skip this post.

Anyway, I recently learned Tumblr has spawned yet another group of degenerate shitheads whose abortions would have been a public service, known as "lifters", short for shoplifters.

Basically, fucking criminals who glorify stealing shit because it gives them a cheap thrill and because they have no respect for the law, not to mention are too lazy to earn money to support the economy they are fucking over without any goddamned shame.

I've seen these fucking blogs, these piss stains in the underwear of society have the fucking balls to gloat about stealing shit, posting photos of all the crap they have lifted and patting each other on the ass and telling each other how awesome they are.


Nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of fucking assholes who are glorifying crimes in public and expect to be asspatted and treated like special snowflakes for it, and on the Tumblr hierarchy, they are the lowest you can get when it comes to be regarded as worthy of dignity.

Yiffers generally aren't criminals (even if they are the types the more sane furries find abhorrent). Cloppers (the depraved brony offshoot most bronies are embarrassed by) can get just as disgusting as fyiffers but the same usually applies. Fuck, even the people who beat off to shotacon and lolicon aren't breaking laws so long as it's legal where they live and they don't harm actual kids.

However, these cumrags are doing something I know is a crime no matter what part of the planet you live on, and so I end my little rant with a request.

Report these shitheels, scan every bit of EXIF data and metadata from their photos and report it to the authorities. Send Tumblr's staff tons of emails about how they need to shut down these blogs and report their owners to law enforcement and turn over IP data and whatever else the police may need to teach these sacks of shit crime does not pay and they are complete and utter monsters for glorifying theft.


  1. The terms you're looking for are "yiffers and cloppers", not "furries and bronies". Furries and bronies are relatively normal people who just like cute cartoon animals. Yiffers and cloppers are the sexually deviant black sheep of their respective fandoms, and who the majority prefer to distance themselves from.

    I'd appreciate it if you acknowledged the difference.

    1. Thanks, I will make those corrections, I apologize for the misnomers.