Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A short post, but one I want the Kiwi Farms and Twitter to read

I was recently sent an email from someone on the Kiwi Farms saying, quote: "finish that fucker off :)"

I was even linked to their thread on Brianna Wu, here:

For those not aware, the Kiwi Farms is a forum for mocking people who have made fools of themselves on the Internet, and while I don't sanction or condone their activities, I do appreciate any moral support their members have expressed, but I want to make something explicitly clear to both them and Twitter:

My intentions were not to harass. All I wanted to do, while I admit I'm critical of Brianna Wu's work, was hopefully to establish a dialogue with Brianna Wu, and maybe even get some answers on questions I had. I'm not very sanguine on her work, but I was hoping I might learn more via direct discussion and possibly get some misconceptions cleared up.

At no time did I ever bring up any matter that was not already public record (I did not dox or reveal information that was private, and when asked not to pursue certain matters I complied and merely advised Ms Wu to sue for libel if certain publicly available information on the news site Breitbart about Ms. Wu was false and I was misled, as no one deserves to be defamed), my intentions were never to be cruel, hateful, insensitive, or bigoted, and I was hoping we could both walk away from the discussion having learned more from one another and possibly clear up any misunderstandings.

That blew up in my face, I had calls for being banned as a result, and since it was becoming obvious my mere presence was offensive to Ms. Wu and her followers, I publicly promised to stay away in more than one tweet, and I fully intend to honor that promise, should Twitter ever unsuspend (at the time of this writing) my suspended account, I even denounced the message I got in that email and made it clear in my tweets I denounced harassment, death threats, or any other offensive actions to Brianna Wu, and will continue to do so.

I have no brief with Ms. Wu in many areas, but she is a human being entitled to respect and dignity regardless of any opinions I or others may hold, and I reiterate my promise to leave her and her followers in peace, because I want my motives crystal clear.

Also, based on what I can glean from my own tweets, I may have been overly aggressive in my tweets, and if so, I apologize to both Ms. Wu and Twitter for doing so. If I pressed on certain matters I shouldn't have, I again apologize to both, and if either require a public statement of apology, they have it here and now:

If I have committed any offense to either Brianna Wu or Twitter, I apologize for those offenses, and will perform whatever redress Twitter deems appropriate.

Note; For reasons of transparency, I have sent a link to this post to relevant parties on Twitter, including as a reply in my suspension appeal, as I want to assure them my promise to do whatever I must to be unsuspended is not hollow, and that I stand by my word.


  1. do not apologize my friend, if you do you are only showing that his harassment techniques are effective and that no one should ever disobey the SJW hivemind

    you are always welcome in the farm, we always need more people like you

    1. Again, thanks for the moral support, it is truly appreciated.

      However, just to correct any misinterpretation, when I said I do not sanction or condone the Kiwi Farms mock thread, I meant I would not mirror their activities on Twitter. I have been following it since I was aware it and hold nothing against anyone contributing to it, but I wanted to make clear to Twitter I am not the villain here, and that they would have nothing to fear by unsuspending me.

      If anything, the KF are basically in the same sort of role Encyclopedia Dramatica falls into to me: Do foolish things on the internet, someone will notice and comment on it. I have no plans officially associate myself with any efforts in that regard, but I don't condemn anyone who is doing so, like Brianna Wu, they are entitled to do whatever they please in regards to commentary on whatever subject has made themselves publicly known.

      If anything, this thread was meant as public evidence to Twitter I am not the monster here, and I respectfully hope they believe me.