Sunday, December 7, 2014

My final, exhausted appeal to Nate Spidewood to drop his grudge against TV Tropes


I was going to do another episode recap of Cross Ange tonight, but screw it, it can wait until tomorrow. For now, I just want to make something clear to that mentally ill little bitch of a man named Nate Spidgewood, aka the lunatic who has been engaging in the lamest trolling campaign against TV Tropes that even I, who once had unrelenting hatred for the place, think is stupid as hell.

Nate, assuming you ever read this, give the hell up you retarded faggot. Yes, that not nice of me to say, but seriously, quit acting like a retarded eunuch with a keyboard and drop your idiotic grudge against TV Tropes for putting pages in namespaces.

For once, they are going to totally revamp the system to something that, given how they are talking, is going to be similar to MediaWiki (it's going to use a relational database and a tagging system from the discussions so far), so Nate, get this through your damaged when your mother dropped you on your head as baby brain:


Second, I have made peace with TV Tropes, and I'm even contributing to their discussion on how best to revamp the site because that corrupt asshole who used to run the place is gone and the new owner (whom I have emailed and my fellow ATT staff member Brent has met IRL) is a guy who has shown ethics and human decency, and frankly, since he's agreed to work with us and extended us an olive branch, I'm willing to call off my hatred because the main source of it is gone and help the guy because he promised to do the same for us concerning things we at ATT have been upset over, and since he was willing to be a human being, and those of us with far more legit reasons to be pissed (hell, some of us were on the brink of suing TV Tropes at one point for good reason) have decided to instead be constructive and help Drew (the new owner) instead of being asshats.

That said, you are a deranged little bastard, Nate; and a criminally stupid one, given how you made a public fundraiser to hire a hacker to damage a website in the name of revenge, and even though it got taken down, that's still a criminal act you asshole, and even then, despite my intense hatred of Fast Eddie, I would have happily joined forces with him to make sure you were in a crossbar apartment, because while I didn't like Fast Eddie, I hate whiny cunts who are willing to commit criminal acts in the name of one of the lamest reasons to be a spiteful little bitch much more.

......okay, rant over, got that out of my system, but there is a point to this: Drop your pathetic grudge Nate, you've lost the battle, and if you'd pull your head out of your tard raging ass, you'd also realize you aren't going to win the war either, especially since both sides have declared a truce and both sides consider you a complete loser who refuses to grow up.


  1. Out of nowhere, or did something actually happen?

    1. I decided to post this because since the new owner of TV Tropes decided to work with us, we decided to lay down our arms and give the guy a chance.

      The problem is that this idiot doesn't seem to realize a new day has dawned on TVT and he is fighting a battle against something he hates that will probably never change and even wind up being more Wikipedia like than what he hates already.

      And besides, we're going on three years already and he has yet to quit acting like a butthurt loser, and that's just more than a little sad, given his reason for being mad are utterly pointless.

  2. Oh, he's unbanning people and giving them another chance? Wonder if he could look into Delfage and Dalsene from a month ago...

  3. Which reminds me: Are you participating, or still just gonna cheer on the sidelines?

    1. I already tossed their kickstarter a little cash, plan to give advice when I can.