Sunday, November 2, 2014

In which I show exasperation at the idiocy of Nate Spidgewood

In an earlier blog post, I called out a really stupid wiki troll by the name of Nate Spidgewood (go read his Encyclopedia Dramatica article for more details), an imbecile who for almost three years now has attempted to troll TV Tropes as some stupid revenge for throwing him out, even though it was him being a total ass to their moderators that got him cast out. He even edited briefly on my Wikia fork of All The Tropes and it's predecessor, and I eventually permabanned him after I got fed up with him using my wiki as his rebound center after his trolling sprees on TVT, and since that nimrod has yet to learn his lesson, I'm going to repeat myself in stronger language.

Nate, give the fuck up. TV Tropes NEVER WANTS YOU BACK, and frankly, I don't blame them. Yes, they have a stupid set of rules, an incompetent and corrupt moderation team, and the place is run by a shameless whore for advertising money who wipes his ass with copyright law, but doing the equivalent of getting fired from your job and getting revenge by pissing on the walls as your version of a "fuck you" is not only totally idiotic, you are accomplishing NOTHING except making yourself look like an autistic jackass of the highest order.

And Nate, I have aspergers and have an axe to grind against TV Tropes, one much bigger than yours, but I decided to found my own clubhouse instead of trying to graffiti theirs because despite being an autist, I'm capable of acting like an adult and MOVING ON IN LIFE instead of acting like some petulant, whining bitch of a man.

That said, I denounce your bullshit just as much now as I did when I first heard about you, and while I admit I'd laugh if TV Tropes went down, if I found out you did an illegal act that made that happen, I'd be the first one to report your ass to the authorities, especially after that stunt you pulled trying to hire a hacker to fuck over TV Tropes.

In short Nate, grow the hell up.


  1. Damn, you're on fire today.

    Relevant link to your memory jog?


  3. Replies
    1. Mostly because it's been almost three years and this fool refuses to drop his petty grudge and move on.

      Seriously, it's just so pathetic, especially after I explained in explicit detail to this guy the error of his ways and how he has refused to realize how foolish he is.

      * sigh *