Monday, September 1, 2014

I have apparently been banned from the Social Justice Wiki

I signed up to the Social Justice wiki mostly out of curiousity, as despite my admitted disdain for "social justice warriors", I was willing to admit I might be wrong and I figured I'd stick around and help where need be.

My intentions for doing were entirely pure. I was transparent about my biases and willingness to change my views, I also admitted I noticed ED was planning to troll them and offered some technical advice how to prevent that, and since I like handing out MediaWiki tips because I'm just that kind of guy I am, I even offered advice on some extensions they might wish to use to further their site mission.

Again, the above was my intentions the whole time, and I in no way ever intended to cause them any grief.

However, I go to visit one fine morning, and I can't login. I tried sending myself a password reset email, checked my spam folder, nothing happened, and since I've seen a ton of bannings for being "cispicious" (I was even on a list of people like that for a brief time there, to my amusement), I can only assume I was purged for wrongthink.

To be honest, I don't really consider been banned from there a loss, and to be honest, I really do not buy into or subscribe to their rhetoric, and while I tried to be respectful, I will say here what I've said elsewhere on this blog: I reject the core tenets of SJW-ism because of their extreme nature and incompatibility with the real world, and I do not apologize for that.

Also, it wasn't really a community. In the wiki sense, a community is reasonably open to editing and allows a free exchange of information so as to develop a better wiki, but the SJWiki, terrified of trolls and anti-SJW partisans, decided to close off mass sections of the site (even Recent Changes) so they could only allow those deemed right thinkers into their safe space.

Basically, they wanted a closed garden, not a public park.

I'm cool with that. If they no longer wanted me there, so be it, I have no intention of going back or causing them any grief, but honesty compels me to levy this criticism:

If they are so concerned about raising awareness of social ills needing justice, they need to be more open to the public and be willing to endure the slings and arrows of their detractors, for many ideas worth fighting for were often won only with blood, metaphorically or literally, not by cowering away in a shielded bunker spewing propaganda without actually getting near the front lines of the battle they ostensibly want to fight.

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