Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I tried to understand Social Justice Warriorism.....and I give up.

Warning, bit of an angry post here, so here's a "trigger warning" in advance.

As the title indicates, I tried to understand the SJW movement, even dabbled in it briefly myself to some greater or lesser degree, and ultimately, I have come to the conclusion it is just idiotic and nonsensical at its core for the following reasons:

1. Hugbox mentality.txt - This is a key tenet of SJWism I find insane, as it is obsessed with "safe spaces", not offending or triggering people, and while I admire the idea of restraint and tolerance, they take it to the extreme you aren't allowed to respectfully admit you don't believe in a SJW belief, as that's "intolerance". Granted, in a shallow sense, I see that, but frankly, I reject their idea of insulating the world from reality as unfeasible, since we live in reality, and that just an impossible pipe dream in the long run.

2. They cannot laugh anything off - Yes, I find racism and sexism disgusting, I won't deny it, but SJWs are convinced minorities can do no wrong (only white people do that), most men are evil of misogyny by default, transgender people and other gender non binary people deserve absolute respect and tolerance, and not believing any of this makes you a bigot.

Well, by their standards, I guess I am. Everyone is capable of evil as well as good, so all races can be equally guilty of doing wrong, both men and women can be horrible to one another, and while I'm willing to respect someone's choice to be transgender, genderfluid, nonbinary, and so on, it's more like I'm the "live and let live" type, but expecting everyone should just accept that and abandon all intolerance is asking way too much and totally ignores human nature.

The above paragraph would send the average SJW into a foaming at the mouth session, because they want a world where evil (as defined above) does not exist, and what they want will never happen as long as humanity is capable of it. Worse, I've come to laugh off sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica, but these people never will, because frankly, they themselves do not see the inherent contradiction in being so intolerant about intolerance that they act just as intolerant in their own way.

3. It's a culture defined by paranoia - SJWs believe in a world where women are constantly in fear of being raped and exploited, men are evil bastards at best unless they go full SJW, minorities are constantly oppressed, intolerance is everywhere, and by their standards, they live in reality in one long, neverending trigger session because they fear all this 24/7.

Frankly, this is foolish. Yes, there are areas where women are at risk of being raped and exploited erry day, but these types act like the first world is just as terrible as the third world in this regard......and it's not. Not all men are inherently evil simply for being born with a penis, and reverse racism does exist, as much as they want to pretend otherwise.

4. They focus on the leaves instead of the trees - SJWs believe like most rational people that there is intolerance in the world that needs addressing, but that's where the sanity ends.

Rational people think rape is horrible, but understand that some people like to make jokes about it in the name of trying to laugh it off. To SJWs, this is as bad as actually raping someone.

As a fan of the late George Carlin. this makes me face palm so, so much.

Rational people generally don't understand alternate sexualities as much as they probably should or need to, but most generally are willing to live and let live so long as it doesn't infringe on their own personal lives. SJWs want everyone to be totally understanding of this and scream oppression even when rational people try and just don't get it.

Rational people think racism and sexism suck, SJWs take every watermelon joke and "go back 2 the kitchen" crack in dead seriousness (guilty of this myself at one point in my life), even when the intention is obvious satire. And, even when it's serious, it's shitty, but trying to eliminate all racism and sexism on this planet is like pissing in an ocean of piss and trying to wish it away is just as foolish.

......I could go on, but while I'm willing to be civil to people who believe in the tenets of SJWism, I ultimately reject most of the extremes their tenets are based on due to their contradictions and their lack of base in logic and willful ignorance in human nature, and I refuse to apologize for that.

P.S. - I must offer an additional apology to members of Something Sensitive. I once got "triggered" by you guys during my brief SJW phase, and I'm sorry. Honestly, in retrospect, they are the intolerant idiots, not you guys.

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