Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Fall and Return of Something Awful's forums

Around June 22 Something Awful's forums died, and it wasn't until June 25 did they come back up.

Annoyed they couldn't post there, some goons went to Reddit, some gave Lowtax a hard time on Twitter, and some even went to Something Sensitive (the anti-SA forum).

Upon the revival of the forums, Lowtax and the SA mods started lashing out at any thread mentioning any of the above, blatantly punishing people for "defecting" to other sites, and most of the bans reasons boiled down to pure spite.

As someone who runs a website myself, that's pretty damned childish.

Also, the SA forums are apparently, up in a crippled, halfassed state where a lot of people can't log in, the paywall is up for some people even though it should be down in most places (save FYAD and QCS, among a few others), and is still running the same outdated vBulletin software they had before everything went to hell.

To be blunt, I really hoped the SA forums died, not because I hate goons, but because Lowtax is obviously using that place to further his indolent lifestyle as a manchild, and given how all the funny left those forums years ago and has instead become an echo chamber for social justice warriors (which I am not fond of) and moderators just as despotic and jackassed as the egomaniacs on TV Tropes, the place really needs to die so Lowtax can finally grow up and his sycophants can quit acting like the same pricks me and a bunch of other people founded an entire website to get away from on TV Tropes.

However, I guess it's better they remain up, if only to contain the worst dregs of humanity before they shit up the rest of the internet. 

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