Thursday, June 12, 2014

In response to some Tumblr criticism

I recently submitted a post to the fucknoTVTropes Tumblr about my stance on being criticized and I got a nice reception to it, and I plan to take into account anything they might have to say about how I can avoid the fail of TV Tropes.

That said, I got my first criticism, namely that the 'Breast Expansion" article is one  of our most popular articles, and that that's kinda creepy.

Let me be clear: I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment, but I must correct an error in the assumption we endorsed it in the first place.

I had the DynamicPageList extension installed and added a section to our main page that showed popular articles (by page click views), but due to the Cloudfront caching that Orain uses, it was effectively frozen in time and kept showing the same articles as being highly popular. I know this was the case because tests on my localhost test wiki showed different results after visiting several different random pages.

I have since removed that segment of our front page not only because it's inaccurate data, but because the impression we endorse content like that is not our intention.

I have no plans to remove the Breast Expansion page, as it's as valid a trope as "Genre Savvy" or "Naughty Tentacles", but to reiterate, the administration of ATT is effectively neutral on what is considered popular at our wiki, and I hope by disabling the improperly functioning DPL extension will dispel this impression.

While I have to confess the idea I purposely support anything considered "creepy" does bother me, it did highlight a technical issue I needed to fix, and anything suggestions for what I can do to make ATT come off as less depraved as TV Tropes I will definitely take under advisement.

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