Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DQ1 Remake 2.20 is getting some further balance changes before stable release

I'm now almost done with getting DQ1 Remake Beta 2.20 out of closed beta and ready for stable release, but before I do that, some issues need to be fixed as mentioned in my previous blog post. Also, the following changes for balance will be done.

1. Many more spells will have accuracy fluctuations. The original Dragon Quest games had this to prevent them from being too OP for enemies or players, and the more powerful spells and skills will have lower accuracy than their initial versions, especially multi-hit skills and spells.

2. On top of redoing the scripting for my bonus dungeon quest, the cursed and uncursed items you can get doing this will be rebalanced. Also, they will have actual gold values assigned to them to make them sellable, should the player opt to do so. I also will eliminate some items that were cloned to normalize game balance, as I was unsure where to put a few of these items several times during development, and this will be corrected for the final time before 2.20 releases in a stable form.

3. A few skills have been modified to be more useful or to fix issues with bad coding.

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