Tuesday, June 6, 2017

DQ1 Remake Beta 2.20 halfway done with beta testing

I'm taking a lot more time than usual to verify this DQ1 Remake build is ready for release before taking it out of closed beta, for three reasons:

1. This build will be the very last build where any scripting changes occur. The engine will be essentially complete after this build.

2. Per the first reason, this will allow the remain builds to proceed much more quickly, now that any remaining scripting work is over.

3. I now have a roadmap for eventual "Gold release per the first two reasons, as outlined here:

Beta 2.20: Everything just shy of the final dungeon of the normal route done.

Beta 2.30: Normal route finished, finished all the basics of the true route path.

Beta 2.40: True route ending implemented.

Gold Release: Assuming nothing goes horribly wrong. This version will receive any last minute polish, bug fixes, and will be the definitive build.

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