Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stiil working on DQ1 Remake Beta 2.20

Other crap has delved into my time working on DQ1 Remake further, but I have gotten some more progress done.

* A lot more crash bugs involving the spit and pencil version of the old dialogue system removed.

* Enabled a few bonus dungeons I hadn't completely in earlier builds, like the Tower of Kol. Don't go in unless you have the Final Key (you'll need it to get far past the entrance anyway), or you WILL get slaughtered, it has enemies you will be way out of your league to fight when you first can go in.

* Made a lot less enemies capable of spamming status spells. They'll still do it, just not to the point it's like they are trolling you. And speaking of spells, giving Mara a mild boost, since an earlier tweak for balance seems to made Mara a bit TOO weak as a mage, which is ironic, as she was essentially an "I win" button in earlier builds, so I'm gonna even her out to be a tad stronger than at present.

* Found the new item limit is great for balance, since it's not half as easy to fill your inventory with healing items and spam them anymore.

* Everything up to gates of Rimuldar is tested, still ironing out balance issues from that point at present.

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