Sunday, March 12, 2017

Oliver D. Smith tries to attack me again, for being a Chrisitan who has looked at porn, and my rebuttal (repost)

Reposted because I'm being targeted for harassment and blackmail by Oliver D Smith, Donald Carlos Seoane, and the rest of their terrorist friends. Original posted on 10/17/2016 here:

Oliver D. Smith, a sadly hate filled young man I've covered here before, has recently found it appropriate to try dirtying my name by, LE GASP, telling the world I've seen pornography, even though I'm an open and admitted Christian.

On that subject, I'm a rather liberal version of a Christian. My personal ethics can be summed up with this anecdote:

A pastor once told his congregation: "Fifty kids died in a bush crash in Nigeria today, and I bet none of you give a shit."

He pauses, then adds "And I bet you are more upset I said "shit", then about those dead kids".

In short, I try to live my life in accordance with the general principles of my faith, which are to love another as I would myself, show forgiveness to my enemies, and generally try to refrain from leading another to sin against me because of my own.

Some of my own actions are far from lily white and pure, and I do not deny that, I've used profanity, I've lied, I've cheated, I've held lust and anger in my heart, and I've done lots and lots of other things that the Bible says a lot of very, very bad things about.

However, God is my only judge in the end. When my time of judgement comes, I will have to answer to him, and that is a matter I know I will have to answer for in His presence.

Regardless, I've stumbled, and I do some things not in accordance with my holy text, but then again, this is the same book that describes God murdering a child to punish a man for adultery, God asking one of his own prophets to cook food over human shit. a massive chapter where Israel and Judah are compared to whores in some of the most perverse language ever recorded, the entire book of Song of Songs, which is the Biblical equivalent to a hardcore porno, to say nothing of all the depictions of genocide, incest, rape, and other horrors.

So, if someone where to use my own holy text against me to shame me for my depravity, I would wonder about the hypocrisy, not only because the book itself has some material for whom the word 'barbaric" is the kindest way to describe some of it contents, but also because the Bible has instructions not to attempt to be the morality police, lest God punish the party who attempted to use his Word as a weapon against his children.

And frankly, I have never hidden the fact I've looked at pornographic material. The X-rated portions of the Bible aside, I have seen all sorts of pornographic material for a variety of reasons (and some I wish I hadn't, but it's too late to turn back the hands of time). I run a site dedicated to various types of media and their writing components, porn is one of the topics that comes up. I've reviewed anime and video games with pornographic content, either because I wanted to evaluate their merits as media or on behalf of others who were interested, and I've seen stuff ranging from vanilla softcore porn pics to gross, pornographic shock videos and images because I've read websites like Encyclopedia Dramatica.

In short, I have nothing I feel shame over, so Oliver, nice try.

That said, I was made aware you decided to attempt smearing me on Reddit (protip: they have a ban on sight order for your nonsense if they see it again), ED (where you tried to write a shitty attack article), and the Lolcow Wiki (where you attempted the same), as well as some revenge blog, which I'm not going to bother to do anything about because, frankly, if it makes you feel better to whine about me publicly despite the fact I have nothing I'm obligated to feel shame for, then do what you have to do, I leave whether what you are doing is right to your own conscience.

In conclusion, I would like to say I pray for you, Oliver. You obviously have a lot of hate and bitterness within you, and I fear, stained as my own soul is with sin, yours is in as much danger if not more, and while I may be no saint, please don't lose yourself to sin as well, as even if I am already damned, I hope you will not follow me on the road to perdition. 

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