Sunday, March 12, 2017

Oliver D. Smith, this is an appeal to common sense: Quit risking prison time over internet shit. (repost)

Reposted because I'm being targeted for harassment and blackmail by Oliver D Smith, Donald Carlos Seoane, and the rest of their terrorist friends. Original posted on 10/22/2016 here:

Oliver, I recently caught you very stupidly editing comments on Wordpress to frame Micheal Coombs as a violent maniac, and if I have to, I will ask Wordpress Staff if I can release the full emails we had to prove I handed them more than enough information to prove you were foolish enough to attempt a felony and plaster them all over my blog.

That out of the way, look, I get it. You hate a lot of people for a lot of reasons, and it makes you feel better to write lolworthy hit blogs on them try to shame and dox them, and while I don't understand why you can't act like an adult, fine, do what you have to do, I don't give enough of a shit to stop you.

However, I'm going to draw the line in the legal sand here. Cross it, and I will stop at nothing to see you charged and imprisoned if you do the following:

1. Commit a criminal act against myself that goes beyond mere civil defamation of my public internet identity.
2. Incite someone else to commit a criminal act against me, my friends, my family, or anyone else as an attempt to lash out at me.
3. You are provably guilty of committing any criminal offense for which I have proof I can give to the authorities for which the act can be acted on and dealt with.

My own personal safety out of the way, and that of others as well, I don't care about your piss poor attempts to ruin my reputation. Hell, I laugh at them, and if anything I feel pity for you, being so full of malice and immaturity you have to fling your toys out of the pram instead of growing up and moving on with your life, and I pray you will one day outgrow this behavior, if only because you are still a young man, and I'd hope you'd rather not have such a shit reputation on the internet you can never escape it, nor do I want to see you imprisoned because I would regret if you had to spend your finest years behind bars for committing a crime.

With that said, you are being incredibly foolish. Multiple sites can track you by your ISP activity, and your constant sockpuppeting is no defense against this. You constantly spew threats of assault and murder at your enemies, for which any of them can have you charged with intent to cause them harm, should they be inclined. They can also submit civil cases against defamation against you at any time, and the only reason I choose not to is because your pitiful lashing out is more pathetic than troublesome to me, and as someone who was, to my regret, not much more mature at one point of his life, I understand you have not matured beyond 6-10 years of age like I did and thus you apparently are unaware of more mature things you could redirect your misdirected anger into that are more productive and worthwhile to society, so unless I see you perform a criminal act I can report to any appropriate authority, I could care less about your attempts to piss on my reputation with screeds so unhinged I seriously wonder if you don't need to be put under psychiatric treatment.

But make no mistake: You commit a crime of any sort or any act beyond just generic lashing out at me or anyone else because you can't grow up that you can be held legally liable, I will report you to whomever I must, because if you can't learn to grow up on your own, then either a psychiatric facility or a prison will have to fill in those blanks for you. 

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