Sunday, March 12, 2017

My current plans now that Halloween is drawing near. (repost)

Reposted because I'm being targeted for harassment and blackmail by Oliver D Smith, Donald Carlos Seoane, and the rest of their terrorist friends. Original posted on 10/23/2016 here:

Halloween is coming up, and I'm a little too old to celebrate it anymore, so I'm going to stay home and try to get caught up on some work now that my wiki-farm service got their backend issues fixed, and I have a RPG Maker game I'm working on that I really want to finish the next build of.

Unfortunately, while I'm too old to look like a circus freak in exchange for possible rewards, I've attracted the attention of one who has been trying to dox my ass all because I hurt his feelings, Specifically, he never got over been banned from my wiki for breaking the rules like a reasonable and mature human being, so he's been looking for every childish way to get back at me, including trying to unmask me as a member of the Kiwi Farms with some tinfoil hat level proof.

To that, this is the final message I have to say on that guy because I'm tiring of his crap like I did covering Brianna Wu's fail:

As I had a friend tell the Farms: I browse there frequently and can see the members only boards, and that is all I have to say on the matter of my being a member there. Past that, I have nothing further to say and will not confirm or deny further allegations regarding my association with that forum or say anything further on the subject, except to say I think the world of them, they do this world a service, and I pray for the continued health and safety of its members.

In fact, and I address my current stalker, this is literally the last message I plan to address to you. Like Brianna Wu, I tire of your nonsense because I have a life and duties I find more interesting than your deranged rants and conspiracy theories, so this blog will cover you no longer, and unless you actually cross the line and commit a crime against me for which I fully intend to have you charged and incarcerated for, I have every intention of keeping my word on this. I also intend on not responding to your crap anywhere else on the Internet for the same reason, because I too feel the exasperation God did in the Book of Isaiah when he told the chronic sinners of Judah "Come now, and let us reason together".

It's obvious that will never work, so I'm not indulging your madness any longer.

Now, speaking of those duties I have to attend to, we have a ton of links to disambiguation pages on All The Tropes I'm currently using my bot account to fix, and I and everyone else there owe Lulzkiller a debt for lending us his time to do a lot of the initial work, he does both my wiki and Encyclopedia Dramatica a fine service by his sterling efforts and I'm proud to call him a friend.

As for my game, I've already ripped out all the code that kept giving me fits, so all I really have to do is fix any scripting regressions from when I lost a lot of data from my now lost to the ether 2.20 build Mark I and make sure all dialogue boxes work with the new dialogue engine with no crashes for the 2.10 maintenance build.

Lord willing, I'll have it out by this Halloween.

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