Sunday, March 12, 2017

Message to Oliver Smith: I have no intention of granting you a forum (repost)

Reposted because I'm being targeted for harassment and blackmail by Oliver D Smith, Donald Carlos Seoane, and the rest of their terrorist friends. Original posted on 9/16/2016 here:

Recently, Oliver "Atlantid" Smith left me a whiny message in reply to my earlier post here calling him out claiming I was BSing and that I was dead wrong.

He's full of it, but even if he wasn't, I want to make something crystal clear to Oliver:

Fuck off. You are one of the very rare people I plan to purposely deny a forum to bitch at me anywhere I have the power to do so. I've even let Nate Spidgewood spew his crazy at me, but I have no intention of letting you do the same for one reason, you decided to drag innocent people into your battles.

I had no quarrel with you until you decided to bullshit on my wiki about shit I was around to know you lied about, and you did it just to win a pointless argument, then you lashed out at me when I called you out, then you decided to make innocent people suffer by vandalizing All The Tropes when I made it clear I wanted you to piss off and leave us be.

So, Oliver, let me make this as blunt as possible:I will do everything in my power to deny you a forum whenever I have the power to do so (unless you are willing to apologize for your actions) because you dragged me and my friends into your shit then you attacked a place where people had no interest in your crap gathered because you couldn't take being rebuked, and I consider you lower than shit for that, so if you post here (unless it's to apologize), I'm removing it. I've already gotten in touch with Wikia and Miraheze over your crap, so they are wary of any other crap you might try to further pull, and insofar as I can put a stop to your childish ways, I intend to do so to fullest extent I am legally capable.

Again, I never had any quarrel with you until you dragged uninvolved innocents into your crap, but now that you have earned my contempt, you will never be using any area where I have influence as a place to harass others. 

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