Thursday, March 30, 2017

DQ1 Remake Build 2.20 Beta Test Balance Updates

I'm still working out a lot of balance and scripting bugs in Catilin, and I've made the following changes because play balance was important to me.

* Lora is a lot more squishy. Originally, I set her defense to rise about to the same heights as Sarah, which makes her nigh invincible at times, so now I've reset her defensive power to be not much more better than Mara. Keeping both in the back row and loading them up with defense boosting equipment will keep both alive for sure, but both are now around the same level scale of physical defense given they are magic class users.

* In a future update, I'll switch out weapons to use a non MP costing version of the spells equipped items will let you cast, but for now I'm retaining it for further balance testing.

* There are two bosses in the Catilin area, and I've set one to be the "easy" boss and one to be the "hard" boss. The easy boss is NOT immune to insta-death, nor most other status effects.

* Icebolt got a boost since it was a pretty weak spell. Some other spells may get some tweaks as well.

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