Sunday, March 12, 2017

A plea for sanity to KIA users

I write this article with a sigh on my lips and a palm to my face because I thought that people are panicking too much on KIA.

Yes, mods have been squelching certain topics, and maybe on some of them, they could ease up a tad. However, I think a few arguments against them are a bit ridiculous.


I hate this argument. I'd rather 1 person who benefits from my work read it than have 100 people who only show up to throw rotten fruit at it, and while page views might have decreased, so long as it's of benefit to someone, I don't see the point in obsessing over this unless you are an attention whore.

2. Has the core mission changed? No.

KIA is about opposing crappy journalism, gamer news pertaining to censorship, culture, and politics related to gaming as well as general watchdogging on gaming in general. None of that has changed.

When the mods don dangerhair wigs and start declaring a need for safe spaces, then I'll start to panic, but as long as they aren't doing that, I think a few people should chill.

3. Some topics really do need to die.

There was a time I could look at KIA's newest thread feed and see a ton of garbage like unfunny shitposting, reposts of earlier topics, and covering every attention whoring idiot on both sides of GamerGate.

That has dropped by a massive degree, and I for one could not be more pleased.

4. Accusations are much less effective than logic.

Instead of screaming "Fascists!"at the mods whenever they make an unpopular change, I suggest coming up with a logical set of reasons their change is objectively terrible, with evidence to back it up, and then if they still put their heads in the sand or treat you like the bad guy for being reasonable in your dissent, then start to worry. Until then, I think a few people are going at this a little half-cocked and need to calm down a little.

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