Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I may need to make a SECOND bugfix release of version 2.10

While it's not as bad as I feared, as in, major bugs that cripple entirely having any fun whatsoever, lots of little bugs and issues have cropped up in my game to the point that, as I beta test it, I'm discovering more and more things that can crash the game (mostly remnants of my old portrait/faceset system), as well as a passel of goofy glitches, most harmless, but still annoying, so I'm still going to release a new version as planned, but before that I'm releasing a 2.10BF V2 edition of the 2.10 build beforehand.

It will contain a partial implementation of some of the 2.20 build's features, so it will double as a sneak preview of 2.20, but I won't guarantee stability past Catilin since that was projected for the 2.20 build onwards.

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