Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Build 2.20 will be be essentially Build 2.10 V2 with extras

Build 2.20 will basically be my planned Build 2.10 Bugfix V2 with the Catilin area and all areas save the final landmass (where the Dragonlord's castle is) accessible, which means another town and three or four dungeons will be added.

It will also have the following changes:

* Lots of bugfixes I missed in 2.10
* Balance changes (mostly to make certain things easier)
* Item limit decreased to 10 of any item. Not nine like in most Dragon Quest games because it will be easier to make batch recipes of five when crafting this way. You can store an extra ten items in the storage services at most banks if you need to.
* Going to fix the music so more of it loops or at least doesn't have obvious fadeouts anymore.
* New credits sequence implemented. (will be viewable from player menu, ends and send player to title once seen, be warned). Features the soundtrack "Theme For Gamers", courtesy of Jared Burrell, which he was kind enough to pre-loop for me.
* Some graphics changes for aesthetic and consistency reasons
* Legacy code making my "use equips as items" code fail was removed, that works, not exactly like in Dragon Quest (the item must be actually equipped, can't work when not equipped), but close enough.
* Fixed some lag issues concerning framerate.
* In thanks to the certain Kiwi Farms members who were kind enough to consent to their likeness being represented in my game, namely Jaimas (as Archmage of the magic academy), Peace and Harmony (as Aeterna Concordia, a student there who was turned into a corgi due to an experiment gone awry), and Null (as "Cipher Luna", lord of the Catilin province and mayor of the town itself), they will have characters based on them in the town of Catilin.
* r/KotakuinAction moderator "Hand of Bane" will also be represented by a character based off them with their consent in the same town, part of my in-universe pro-GamerGate styled organization, where they serve a similar in-universe role as they do IRL on KIA.

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