Friday, February 24, 2017

An update on the fine tuning of Beta 2.20 of DQ1 Remake

While whittling away at bugs and getting stuff fixed (the Combat Log now works in battle just fine without hanging issues), I have also done some other changes to tighten up the game, since I'm most of the way towards the day of a "gold" release, or a version I can call "complete"

* Some areas have been edited graphically for consistency, so what you see is what you get (you see a brown tower on the world map, but you enter it and the walls are all white, this is getting eliminated as much as possible)

* Fixed the game AI to be far less punishing for some enemies. Trick Bags were ANNOYING because of their Sleep spell spam, could make battles take forever because you'd never wake up in time to kill them before they all ran away. This was fixed, and some enemies were edited so they were prone to spamming certain attacks as much.

* I have also been trying to remove every last remnant of my old dialogue system, this has been a constant source of crashes, and it's my solemn goal by Build 2.20 to have this completely fixed.

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