Friday, February 24, 2017

An update on the fine tuning of Beta 2.20 of DQ1 Remake

While whittling away at bugs and getting stuff fixed (the Combat Log now works in battle just fine without hanging issues), I have also done some other changes to tighten up the game, since I'm most of the way towards the day of a "gold" release, or a version I can call "complete"

* Some areas have been edited graphically for consistency, so what you see is what you get (you see a brown tower on the world map, but you enter it and the walls are all white, this is getting eliminated as much as possible)

* Fixed the game AI to be far less punishing for some enemies. Trick Bags were ANNOYING because of their Sleep spell spam, could make battles take forever because you'd never wake up in time to kill them before they all ran away. This was fixed, and some enemies were edited so they were prone to spamming certain attacks as much.

* I have also been trying to remove every last remnant of my old dialogue system, this has been a constant source of crashes, and it's my solemn goal by Build 2.20 to have this completely fixed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Build 2.20 will be be essentially Build 2.10 V2 with extras

Build 2.20 will basically be my planned Build 2.10 Bugfix V2 with the Catilin area and all areas save the final landmass (where the Dragonlord's castle is) accessible, which means another town and three or four dungeons will be added.

It will also have the following changes:

* Lots of bugfixes I missed in 2.10
* Balance changes (mostly to make certain things easier)
* Item limit decreased to 10 of any item. Not nine like in most Dragon Quest games because it will be easier to make batch recipes of five when crafting this way. You can store an extra ten items in the storage services at most banks if you need to.
* Going to fix the music so more of it loops or at least doesn't have obvious fadeouts anymore.
* New credits sequence implemented. (will be viewable from player menu, ends and send player to title once seen, be warned). Features the soundtrack "Theme For Gamers", courtesy of Jared Burrell, which he was kind enough to pre-loop for me.
* Some graphics changes for aesthetic and consistency reasons
* Legacy code making my "use equips as items" code fail was removed, that works, not exactly like in Dragon Quest (the item must be actually equipped, can't work when not equipped), but close enough.
* Fixed some lag issues concerning framerate.
* In thanks to the certain Kiwi Farms members who were kind enough to consent to their likeness being represented in my game, namely Jaimas (as Archmage of the magic academy), Peace and Harmony (as Aeterna Concordia, a student there who was turned into a corgi due to an experiment gone awry), and Null (as "Cipher Luna", lord of the Catilin province and mayor of the town itself), they will have characters based on them in the town of Catilin.
* r/KotakuinAction moderator "Hand of Bane" will also be represented by a character based off them with their consent in the same town, part of my in-universe pro-GamerGate styled organization, where they serve a similar in-universe role as they do IRL on KIA.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I may need to make a SECOND bugfix release of version 2.10

While it's not as bad as I feared, as in, major bugs that cripple entirely having any fun whatsoever, lots of little bugs and issues have cropped up in my game to the point that, as I beta test it, I'm discovering more and more things that can crash the game (mostly remnants of my old portrait/faceset system), as well as a passel of goofy glitches, most harmless, but still annoying, so I'm still going to release a new version as planned, but before that I'm releasing a 2.10BF V2 edition of the 2.10 build beforehand.

It will contain a partial implementation of some of the 2.20 build's features, so it will double as a sneak preview of 2.20, but I won't guarantee stability past Catilin since that was projected for the 2.20 build onwards.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

DQ Remake 1 Beta 2.20 will take awhile longer

Due to a combination of needing to add more content and having to acquire some more resources, the next build may take awhile longer.

However, the good news is that the next build will have a LOT more content than previous builds, with many areas I had not completed finished.

For those who may have been hoping for this to be finished sooner, I beg your patience for now, as the next build may have an even higher version number once I am ready to release it due to having much more content.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why I now post openly on THE Kiwi Farms

As some may already be aware, I now have a public account in my own name on the Kiwi Farms.

My reasons are as follows:

1. I was so appalled by the lengths that were gone to to exact retribution against Joshua "Null" Moon's family just to get back at him I decided if the Kiwi Farms were ever brought back after he temporarily shut them down as a result, I would post there under my own name in protest of such attempts at spite.

2. Certain parties (who I shall leave nameless and not comment on further by their own request) have requested I not speak of them if the Kiwi Farms were ever revived. I have every intention of honoring that promise.

3. Some at the Kiwi Farms were not entirely sure the "GethN7" there is actually me. I have written this to confirm it is. I had an account on the Farms prior to the temporary shutdown, now no longer in use. Null is the only one I have shared this with in the interests of full disclosure, and I have requested he not reveal it to anyone else unless required by law enforcement, in which case I will fully comply.

4. I believe in the right of people to speak, even if it's offensive (yet not illegal), and in this case, if you do foolish things in public, then the public has every right to comment on it, and if that angers you, I feel no sympathy, as the parties who are angry chose to do publicly foolish things. This would even apply to myself, should I become a lolcow in my own right (which I plan to avoid of course), and if I became one regardless, I would certainly be given a thread there and would accept that as a consequence of acting like a fool.