Thursday, January 12, 2017

DQ1 Remake Beta 2.20 Progress Report

As mentioned in my last post, I'm loath to promise anything, but I can mention the following since they are a done deal and I confirmed they are backed up on the cloud if worst comes to worst.

* Finally got the character art I needed requisitioned, again from Fumirei on the RPG Maker Central forums. It was pricy, but the quality was so good I happily ate the cost, it was well worth paying for.

Seriously, Fumirei is a good artist, throw them your money, you will get some fine artwork in the exchange.

* Actually have a fair bit of work done already, but I'm unsure what a good "stopping place" would be. I also have to test a lot of event code, so the more I add, the more event code I need to test.

* I went back and touched up a few dungeons, especially the towers, they should now, thanks to some creative design, appear to have actual height as you ascend each floor.

* I'm coming up with another dry spot when it comes to some other resources. I have what I need on hand, trick is gonna be sifting through all of it. Once I have that sorted out, progress will resume.


  1. As much as I can't wait to try this remake when you finish it(I just found you by googling) you may want to look into Project AM2R's(Another Metroid 2 Remake) copyright situation.

    1. Unlike that project, the mass majority of my resources are not licensed assets, and the programming and most of the overall design is spun out of whole cloth in the RPG Maker engine.

      If given a C &D order, I will happily abide by such an order if necessary, as stated in my game's readme, as my project is a for free fan game and I have no intention of costing the source inspiration behind it any revenue and encourage the legal purchase of their games.