Thursday, December 1, 2016

Well, just discovered someone I contacted was a former sex offender

Over the past few days, I have been writing about a scam charity called "Trans Lifeline", and while doing so, I and another blogger named Sebastian found out a guy by the name of Nelson Garcia had written about these scammers themselves.

Not long after contacting them to let them know why we wrote about this tire fire of a scam, information dropped on the Kiwi Farms that this guy was a likely former sex offender, which I found confirmation for some time after my first response to the guy's blog here:

I'll be frank. I fucking hate pedophiles and ardently crusade against child rapists, and I'll admit I was highly disturbed to find out about Mr. Garcia's past. Had I known, I likely would not have commented on his blog to begin with.

However, it's too late for regrets, and now that Mr. Garcia himself confirmed the allegations are true in a response to me, I shall no longer do so. In fact, he actually recommended as much to me.

That said, I do have to admit I find something sad about all this. If he really is genuine in being an activist against deplorable crap happening in the LGBT world, then he would be better served by being upfront about his past and, to make reference to the Bible, publicly proclaim he went "from Saul to Paul" and is now speaking out against the very abuses he once perpetrated.

While his crimes were despicable, I could find a bit of redemption in a former criminal speaking out against the very crimes they committed and those that still commit them. It would be an honorable act of redemption on his part, much like a former wife beater repenting of his domestic abuse and becoming a crusader for the dignity of battered women would be a similar act of redemption.

However, Mr. Garcia said he would no longer be commenting on the scam we had discussed, citing upset his listing on a sex offender registry (which he referred to as entrapment) had caused him to come under scrutiny, especially because it had '"undone all the good work he had tried to do", as he further elucidates here:

My take on this is that Mr. Garcia chose to post under his own name, and I was able to confirm he was a sex offender by matching up his public information on his social media accounts with the New York sex offender registry after being clued in he had a likely history as a sex offender, so he knew he was risking his past being exposed and used against him, so if he knew this and sincerely regretted the circumstances that made that happen, he should confess it to the world and make clear he crusades against those who made the same mistakes.

That is, if he truly feels guilt for those actions.

If not, I cannot pity him. He knew the risks and decided to play with fire, now he's been burned.

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