Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trans LifeLife is Greta Martela's con, and has shilled for Zoe Quinn's CON

In an earlier article, I described a fraudulent "transgender suicide help line" called Trans LifeLine, run by one Greta Martela, and I elucidated on its recent uncovering as a  scam that preys on the vulnerable and frightened members of the transgender community, promises them interventional services should they be considering ending their own lives, and instead fleeces huge amounts of money from the gullible, puts it in the pockets of the founders, and they proceed to blow the money on all sorts of questionable personal expenses that cannot be properly accounted for.

Meanwhile, the "hotline" is but a mere shell at best, horribly understaffed at the best of times, and there have been confirmed reports from former callers that the service proves incredibly hard to reach even at the best of times, and many of these reports have been openly posted in response to the TLL on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

The response to these accusations has been anything but mature. Greta has confirmed, via a post on Medium no less, that they paid a visit to the owner of the Kiwi Farms website (who they have publicly accused of murder) while fully armed in what they describe as an attempt to reason with its founder, and what their founder describes as an attempt to intimidate him and his family, given his mother was present at the time.

Worse, when a former caller of their service ended their own life, they immediately tried to blame the Kiwi Farms for perpetuating the tragedy, even though one of their own members actually tried to prevent this person's suicide by contacting the authorities prior, a fact that meant nothing to Greta, who via official TLL channels continued to push this narrative.

(Except for the names of Greta and the widow of the deceased, all the other parties names are whited out of the above linked screenshot. The latter has been included due to having received word the widow wishes to spread the word about this incident via trusted sources.)

When even the widow of the departed divined the truth for themselves, they asked TLL to stop spreading such a patent falsehood, an act that not only got the widow unpersoned by TLL, but also got them attacked by TLL and its defenders, who even had the audacity to attack the widow, as if she had played a role in their former spouse's suicide as opposed to be a grieving victim of a tragedy.

So far, TLL has already proven to this point to be pretty vile even without outside help.

However, in the midst of all these heinous acts, they would go on to shill an even more insidious scam:

The "Crash Override Network" (abbreviated, rather appropriately, CON) is another scam that claims to be an organization to help prevent online harassment, hence the link cited above to their Tumblr, but who have provably been linked, from founder Zoe Quinn on down (formerly Chelsea van Valkenburg), to having been engaged in determined efforts to commit the very acts they decried, including doxing, harassment of perceived enemies, and even attempting to prop up the scams of other interested parties whom they saw as useful auxiliaries to their own misdeeds.

It bears mentioning again Greta has openly admitted to visiting someone's personal residence while fully armed to have a "peaceful discussion", has called on people to attack a website that can exonerate itself as innocent of bloodshed (quite the reverse in fact, one of their own members even reported a suicide notice) while spreading a false narrative they were guilty anyway, and even attacked a grieving widow and used the body of their departed spouse for their own greed.

And now we have them citing another organization with no credibility and guilty of all the crimes they allegedly fight in an attempt to gain a moral high ground.

Needless to say, much like CON met public disgrace when its own sins came to light, the TLL is an organization that abuses the trust of the transgendered community in the pursuit of greed and the ego of its founder, and in my view should also be disgraced, preferably by the truth of their indiscretions being laid bare before the public.

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