Sunday, October 23, 2016

I cannot recommend the game Negligee highly enough

I just finished playing the visual novel Negligee, and LOL, it is hilarious.

While it's main hook is a bunch of yuri (lesbian for the non moonspeakers) stuff, the real main hook of the game is the humor.

The main character Hannah has an inner dialogue that will not fail to make you laugh every five minutes, the character Sophie is what happens when you make a bisexual fan of Encyclopedia Dramatica a fictional character, the character Jasmin is a hilarious foil for Sophie, and even the shy, demure Charlotte has her moments of making you laugh.

Another main draw is that the best ending is actually pretty hard to get without paying careful attention to all the choices and fulfilling a lot of other conditions, which, as someone who appreciates decent game logic and clever writing as well as being a game developer who has tried to write well thought out dialogue trees myself, I deeply appreciate the effort that went into the game flags for certain story options.

And yeah, I'd be lying if I didn't say I appreciate the yuri content, which is actually pretty good and nicely straddles the line between raunchy and tasteful, but frankly, even in it's censored form (without the adult patch from the author's webiste), the humor and story tree logic as I explained above were more than worth the price of admission, and while the creator of the game has made some games that are honestly crap, this is one of the shining jewels of their portfolio, so I recommend anyone who wants a hilarious yuri visual novel to go to Nutaku or Steam and throw your money at the creator of this game, it's worth the price of admission.

The DLC is nice and pretty cheap, so if you don't mind plunking down a few extra dollars, go ahead and buy that too.

Note: This only covers the base game content, this does not address the currently unreleased prequel story addons that are in development.

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