Thursday, July 21, 2016

My opinion on the lolcow known as Chris '"Autphag" Gillion

I have spoken with this individual on the #ncr chatroom of /cow/ a few times, and based on what I know of him during these interactions, his Kiwi Farm thread, and interactions that he has had in other fora, I'll just say this for starters.

He's a fool playing at brilliance.

For starters, he seems to think autism confers a superior status to him, making him a "superior man", or "ubermensch". As someone who has read up on Nietzsche, I'm willing to bet Friedrich himself would give Autphag a huge look of annoyed disgust, given he did a LOT of railing against pseudo-intellectuals and considered them the "untermensch", or the "below man".

Frankly, I'm inclined to agree, and as an autistic myself, he's full of it. Autism is largely a small blessing in that it can provide intense ability to focus on limited subjects with profound ability, but otherwise can be socially crippling, and given all the social crap I've seen him get into and even admit to, I'm not shocked in the slightest.

Gillion is also a massive racist, melding these beliefs into his bizarre belief autism makes him special, even though he has provably shown mental instability such as wanting to hurt women and bears an intense and even violent contempt for his own therapist, and given his unstable behavior, he would have been one of the "mental undesirables" considered an unfit member of the Third Reich, ironically enough. Then again, he draws from a variety of racist creeds, including citing the hoax known as the "The Protocols of The Learned Elders Of Zion" as legitimate, even though even during time it was written even many who agreed with it in principle considered it a forgery.

He also lacks any consistency, claiming to hate women yet desiring to be transgender, claiming and discarding whatever label of mental health or instability he deems appropriate at the time to win his arguments, even betraying parts of his own established beliefs of autism and racism if he feels those arguments do not suit his intellectual superiority or ability to maintain it at any time.

In conclusion, I've found him to be a fool wearing the clothes of the smart, and Nietzsche once mentioned something to the effect that one must cast aside their pretensions if they wish to be a superior man, advice I would sincerely advise Mr. Gillion to pay due heed.

If anyone wishes to face palm with me at this guy, you can find his Kiwi Farms thread here:


  1. One question, is this you?

  2. This has nothing to do with anything, but apparently you can't be negative at all about Paper Mario: Color Splash on All The Tropes. I understand trying to give the game a fair shake, but does it need to treat the negative response of the fanbase in such a bad light?

  3. Uh, I don't recall any issue with that on ATT. TV Tropes had issues with that, but I don;t believe we even have a page on that yet.

    1. Okay, I apologize for that. The actual issue was with the Sticker Star YMMV page.

      Namely, it's so outdated. It still has a 'Fan Dumb' page rather than TVT's 'Fanon Discontinuity' and its valid reasons.

      [I can't do a thing about it, sorry. Not in a position to do editing at the moment due to my computer. But well, was told and since I respect your work, brought it up.]