Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dragon Quest 1 Remake 2.20 getting beta tested and tweaked

Dragon Quest 1 Remake is now completely free of ANY scripting issues to my knowledge, so I'm currently tweaking balance to accommodate for all the finalized scripting, which includes the following changes.

* Much like the original Dragon Quest, the player is limited to 9 of any particular item (more can be added to the bank/storage), and any extra (that are not key items) are automatically discarded, which means that increased use of the alchemy system to refine surplus ingredients into new items would be recommended, though the same limit applies to them. This also affect game difficulty, it's now slightly harder for the player to rely on healing items to carry them through most of the game, depending on player levels and game progress.

* All Small Medal shops have gotten a tweak dependent on location, which means the more out of the way the shop is from the game start, the items available and prices will be more/different, so hoarding Medals until late game may prove profitable for some rare goods.

* The original Dragon Quest had a massive difficulty boost around the Catilin area, and my game will not make many exceptions to this, and currently tweaking balance to be to the point it's expected the player has some idea what they are doing, even on Story difficulty..

* Every item, weapon, and armor has a unique icon when previewed in the menu.

* Some late game areas require some extra art assets I do not either have on hand or have not formatted for use in my game at this time, so the beta will for this build will end roughly after doing everything available in the Catilin area. Currently about 80-90% finished before closed beta release, mostly need to finish a few final areas, tweak balance to be consistent, and test out all events in the Catilin area for possible issues.

* Once I have the beta ready for closed beta testing, I will contact them and send them a passworded link to the beta. I will still offer this via my OneDrive account, but the public build and all previous builds will be moved to a MEGA account (or equivalent file service) for easy downloading.

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