Saturday, July 16, 2016

DQ1 Remake will take awhile longer, will release it as 2.20

Due to tons of scripting hassles that stymied me for the longest time, I had to chop out so many features I did not want to sacrifice for any reason, but that is now behind me and fixed.

However, even though it's been a very long time since I release DQ1 Remake 2.00, I will be taking even longer to polish up 2.20 for release, skipping 2.10 entirely, for the following reasons:

* I plan to move all builds of the game thus far to a MEGA account for easier downloading. All future builds will be added to it as well.

* I plan to make better use of a lot of features I added by haven't utilized too much of yet, like hi-res icons for weapons, armor, and items. For this purpose, I have had to import a lot of new art, fortunately most was upscaled resources already on hand and public domain materials repurposed for RPG Maker use.

* Enemy HP bars have been added and confirmed stable. I wanted this feature in earlier builds, removed it for various reasons, but now I'm confident they work fine.

* Noticed all sorts of various art glitches that required fixes.

* I have gotten a lot better at my use of events, plan to redo some of the older, clunkier events from my young and stupid days.

* Since I intend on making a sequel, the graphics are getting overhauled and streamlined for that purpose.

* The Achievements feature has been removed since I never got a lot of mileage out of it. It will be restored in a later build, but I have no use for it at present since some of it's functions do not work well with all the fixes I had to do to fix the other scripting and modifying it would take even longer than it already has, and I'm frankly DONE with scripting crap, I want to move onto other things.


  1. Hi Geth, it's me, QuestionableSanity. I'm posting in your blog because I'm IP blocked on ATT, and I needed to get in touch with you somehow. (I've posted on this blog under this name before, though I don't think I ever mentioned that we are one and the same...)

    I know it's been a long time since I've actually properly logged in, and I'm sorry that I just kind of disappeared without a word. Unfortunately, I forgot my password, and I wasn't really planning to do much (okay, any) administrating in the foreseeable future. So I figured I would just edit anonymously, since I didn't want to do much beyond that.

    But it looks like I've been IP blocked, because you didn't know it was me. As I'm typing this, it just occurred to me that my house recently had their router replaced, which I think would change my IP.

    And the other problem is, I'm not sure you actually remember enough about me, so would you be able to ask me a question that only I would know the answer to? Is there even any other reliable way to prove my identity?

    I guess if all else fails, you could just downgrade my account to a regular editor, and I can just earn it back eventually. I do remember that you gave me the promotion relatively quickly after I first joined, so it shouldn't be too hard.

    Anyway, let me know when you can figure something out. Thanks.

  2. Sorry to hear about that QS, I know we didn't do that, might be a Miraheze specific issue with an IP they blocked globally and you got tagged by mistake.

    Go here and contact staff at the contact links to resolve things:

  3. Thanks. And I just remembered my password, but it doesn't let me log in with it. If I include my password, I'm sure they'll know it's me.